We take all insurances, also including Ambetter-Value, Bright Health Care, Friday, Community Health, Work Comp, and Molina.

We provide Immigration Physical Exam and  Other services
Includes: DOT; worker's comp; school & work physicals -- Liver ultrasound -- Kidney/Renal Ultrasound
-- Thyroid Ultrasound -- Abdominal Ultrasound
-- Pelvic Ultrasound -- Pulmonary Function Test
- Allergies - Diabetes -Hypertension - Lung Diseases
- Liver Diseases - EKG - Gastrointestinal Diseases - Annual Physicals - School Physicals
- Well Woman Exams - Sports Medicine
- STDs - Skin Problems - Immunizations - Joint, Leg, back pain - Work Injuries - Auto Injuries/ Work Injuries - Minor Surgeries - Venous Doppler -- Arterial Doppler -- Musculoskeletal Ultrasound -- Joint Injections
-- Physical therapy -- EMG and Nerve Conduction Tests -- Pulmonary Function Tests
-- ABI Tests for Vascular Diseases
-- Knee Lubrication Injections -- Blood test
-- Urine Test Our doctors perform minor surgeries in our offices, such as cyst removal, mole removal, toenail removal, and laceration repair. Work Injuries/Auto Injuries/Sport Injuries.


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